World's most high-tech Smart Suitcase

The Samsara smart suitcase is the 21st century luggage we’ve always wanted, blending a strong, ultra light construction with a timeless design and packing a whole range of smart features to make sure your belongings will stay safe and sound. For instance, you can connect your suitcase to your phone via a special app, and if it ever gets moved away from you, you will receive a notification right away. Furthermore, if someone even tries to open the case, the app will buzz your phone. 

Designed by a talented team, specialized in many different fields, the Samsara Smart aims to be the most incredible suitcase on the market and your ideal travel companion in the near future. Made of a lightweight aviation aluminum alloy and featuring a unique wheel design, this suitcase feels super smooth and it’s extremely easy to drag thanks to its cool spinner wheels, but that’s not all it has to offer. Thanks to its special shape, the Samsara could be also transformed into a small desk for your laptop, which might come in handy in your next travels.

Inside, built-in LED lights make it easy to see everything at night, while packing bags, a toiletries bag, a garment bag, and even a folding gym bag are ready to come along on your next trip. But maybe the most interesting feature is that you’ll never run out of power on your devices, as the Samsara Smart will also charge every single device you might have, up to ten times. 

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