China's most mysterious villages

The series of underground dwellings in central China's Henan Province used to have nearly 10,000 homes. Right now, around 3,000 people still live there while the others have moved to modern homes, according to Chinese media.  

The courtyard homes people can see today, which are called Yaodongs, have had six generations living under their roofs for over 200 years. However the tradition itself in China is thought to date back over 4,000 years and have housed thousands of residents in the hills. 

The square or rectangular dwellings are sunk into the ground, whose temperature inside is over 10 degrees Celsius in winter and 20 degrees Celsius in summer. They were listed as a form of intangible cultural heritage by the Chinese authority in 2011 and are currently under conservation.  
The subterranean caves mainly spread around Sanmenxia city in Henan Province and have been dubbed 'China's most mysterious villages' by media.

[Read more on People's Daily Online]
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