Lake Made of Tears

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A legend says Palić was made of tears. No matter what, this fabulous lake is nowadays one of the most popular destinations in Serbia.
According to the legend, Palić lake was created from the tears of shepherd Pavle who lost his herd and that is why the water is salty. According to another story, the lake was created from the ancient Pannonian Sea that once bathed the shores of today’s Pannonian Plain. 

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 Palić lake is the largest natural lake in Serbia, and the first records of it date from the 15th century where it is mentioned under the name Pali.
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Three centuries later the first researches of the lake water were conducted and the beach and the spa were built. The lake is 5 km in diameter with the deepest point at 3,5 meters. Three beaches with showers with warm water are set in pleasant ambient of the lake.
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The lake shore is 17 kilometers long with promenades and all capacities for fishing and birdwatching. New hotels, restaurants and smaller villas surround the lake and great nightlife will meet all your expectations. Palić lake is truly a destination that mustn’t be overlooked!
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This is the protected Nature Park where visitors can see some protected species and rare natural beauties. This park is home to a rare species of orchids – Orchis laxiflora Lam, commonly known as the swamp orchid.
Geographical coordinates  46.0973025, 19.7546899
photo Goran Vucicevic, OC [visit palic]
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