Most Instagrammed sunset locations in the world

Nothing touches the soul quite like a sunset, and we all know it – 286million images of sunsets were uploaded to Instagram last year worldwide.
But some places lend themselves to orange hues better than others – and it seems that nothing can top a Californian sunset, according to a new study.
More sunsets were snapped there and posted to Instagram last year than anywhere else on the planet – 5.7million in total.
The research, by SpaSeekers, revealed the top 10 most Instagrammed sunset spots.
10. Ibiza, Spain – 1.01 million posts  / 9. Phuket, Thailand – 1.05 million posts 
8. Mumbai, India – 1.07 million posts  /  7. Moscow, Russia – 1.2 million posts
6. Greater London, UK – 1.2 million posts  /  5. Sydney, Australia – 1.3 million posts
4. Paris, France – 1.3 million photos  /  3. Bali, Indonesia – 1.4 million posts
2. Sicily, Italy – 1.7 million posts  /  1. California, USA - 5.7 million posts 
This incredible picture, taken from Greenwich Park in London, was posted to Instagram by Michael Tomas. He captioned it: 'Probably the best sunset in the world'. London is No6 on the sunset list

Way to glow: This amazing picture of a Moscow sunset was posted to Instagram by user fancy_flavor. Last year 1.2million Moscow sunset pictures were uploaded to the social media site

More sunsets were snapped in California (the state's Venice Beach pictured) and posted to Instagram last year than anywhere else on the planet – 5.7million in total

When the sun goes down in Sydney, it's quite something, as this picture shows. The city is No5 on the list

Sicily (pictured) is the second-most Instagrammed place for sunsets in the world, according to new research

Source: SpaSeekers
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