Smallest mountain in the world

Welcome to Jing Mountain in Shandong Province. It's China's smallest mountain and can be conquered with just one step. 
The rock is four feet long and just over two feet wide - but it's thought to go down 157 feet. 

Zhen Binhai, the former curator of Shouguang Museum, told Pear Video how the rock came to be a mountain.
He said: 'During the Republic of China era, some people challenged the claim that it was a mountain and insisted it was just a rock. The authority arranged for people to dig around it. They dug a long time but couldn’t reach the bottom. Therefore it was classified as a mountain. 
'There was another attempt to dig it in 1958, and they couldn’t get to the bottom either, so it was confirmed to be a mountain. It’s the smallest mountain in the country.' 

However, Jing Mountain might not be the smallest in the world, with Mount Wycheproof in Australia also famous for its lack of loftiness. It has an elevation of just 43 metres (141ft) above sea level. 

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