Most Popular Gambling Destinations in the World

Las Vegas, USA

An iconic city synonymous with betting – Las Vegas was undoubtedly the world’s premier gambling destination for much of the 20th century. This isolated oasis was built in the middle of a desert and it screams tourism with its glorious scenery and sparking entertainment. The Las Vegas strip is the second most popular attraction in the United States after Times Squares in Manhattan, as well as being home to some of the world’s grandest hotels (15 of the world’s 25 largest), casinos and amusement parks.
A virtual playground for grown-ups and accessible all-year round – the casino doors are always open and through its premier reputation, Las Vegas has always been able to ride the wave of past recessions.It continues to draw crowds from around the world with 2016 proving to be a record-breaking year as 42.9million visitors came to be dazzled by the downright theatre and pizzazz. For many in the Western Hemisphere as well as Europe, Las Vegas is still the dream gambling getaway for the money.

Macau, China

Whilst Vegas is sometimes referred to as the ‘Macau of the West’, Macau is often labelled the ‘Vegas of Asia’. However, the key difference is that people come to Macau with the sole purpose to gamble – it is seen as an investment and as such the number of sums wagered here is staggering. According to Pokerstars, “gamblers in Macau wagered US$28 billion in 2016, dwarfing the $6.3 billion casino resorts that hug Las Vegas’ famous Strip took in bets.”
In comparison to Vegas, the former Portuguese colony received just 30 million tourists in 2016, but it is the extremely high quality of life and rich flow of money that attracts wealthy visitors to Macau – they are solely there to consume and play, although take note that it is also renowned for its gourmet Chinese cuisine.Macau does not have the recreational distraction that Vegas offers, but capital surges through its casinos like no other destination on the planet. This is why Las Vegas based gaming companies like MGM have all penetrated Macau’s gaming market – when it comes to pure immoderation, luxury and gambling overkill being fuelled to excessive heights, there is no rival to the territory of Macau. 

Sydney, Australia

According to statistics, Australia remains the world’s leader when it comes to spending on gambling per capita, with a report in 2016 confirming Australians spend 40 per cent more on gambling than any other nationality. Their greatest expenditure is on gaming machines or pokies, with over $9 billion spent – considerably more than any other nation.
With a wealth of choice, it is little wonder why the Aussies ooze a passion for gambling. There are 8 states and territories with gambling facilities in Australia which have 20 legal gambling facilities available in total. If you want to start your new year in style, then every January there is the Aussie Millions – conveniently scheduled to coincide with the Australian Open which enhances sports betting during this period. Australia’s number one tourist attraction is the Crown Melbourne Casino. It is the biggest and most successful entertainment complex in the Southern Hemisphere, boasting fantastic facilities and entertainment with three hotels, numerous pokies machines and two Gordon Ramsay restaurants just for starters.
If is nostalgia you crave, then ensure you visit Wrest Point Casino in Tasmania – situated on the marvellous Derwent River, it is Australia’s longest operating Casino having first opened its doors on February 10, 1973. Through its history, tropical climate and affinity with risk-taking, Australia is and forever will be a name that allures the gambling hordes to its shores.

Atlantic City
After Las Vegas, Atlantic City in New Jersey is one of the hottest gambling destinations in the United States. In fact, the economy of this city relies on the gambling and tourism industries, especially since Atlantic City was hit by the recession. If you are visiting the north east of America, then Atlantic City should be your destination of choice if you love gambling.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is one of the richest locations in the world and is a popular hangout amongst the rich and the famous. One of the pastimes that people enjoy in this amazing city is a visit to the casino and this is how Monte Carlo has become known as one of the biggest gambling destinations in Europe. Many of the casinos were built in the 19th-century and the most famous of these is the Casino de Monte Carlo. Despite many of the gambling venues being located within historic buildings, the casinos are just as on-trend as Royal Vegas Casino.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you want a holiday in a tropical paradise that also allows you to fulfill your passion for gambling, the San Juan in Puerto Rico is for you. There are just two dozen casinos in the whole of Puerto Rico, but most of these lie within this historic city. These accept the US dollar and are hour 24 hours a day. There are many luxurious hotels nearby that give you convenient access to the casinos.


There are two different types of venue in London and which you go to will depend on how long you are in the city for and the type of experience you want. The private clubs are exclusive and famous for being high-quality. If you are looking for a sophisticated experience, then this is the best option. However, you will need to become a member and this is only worthwhile if you are planning to stay in the city for a while. The other choice is the public casinos and these are great for having fun. They are also probably the better option if your visit is short.

Paradise Island and Nassau, Bahamas

Most people think of white sandy beaches and shimmering blue waters when thinking of the Bahamas, so you might be surprised to learn that this is a fantastic destination for gambling enthusiasts. Nassau is famous for the Crystal Palace Casino while Paradise Island is the resort that hosts the annual Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure Tournament.

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