The world's first flying taxi

Hoversurf -  'The Formula Project'
It uses fold-away wings and 52 tiny turbine Venturi propulsion units - and its makers say experience is not necessary to navigate the skies. The company also said that the device will help with traffic jams and it will be a 'solution' for people's daily commutes. Hoversurf announced that the drone taxis, which they call the 'transport of the future', will be available as early as next year, and they said the taxis are safer than ground transportation.

The new product is called an ATAAS (Air Transport As A Service), and it features a computer, a security system and a drone signal.  It monitors all ground and flying vehicles. ATAASs can take off from and land in a parking space, and they also feature a digital map of the city and GPS. They can be fueled at an electric charging station or a regular gas station with a hybrid power plant FPE. 

Hoversurf creators want to provide flight to the hands 'of amateur and professional navigators'.
While it is currently seen as an 'extreme sports' incident the company hopes that the mode of transportation will one day realize its full potential and replace cars as the go to mode.

The company that created the air taxi says the product is expected in 2018 and that users require no prior flying experience

We want to give people the freedom they have always dreamed of - the freedom to fly. Thanks to advances in personal drones, it is now possible. Our mission - is flying for everyone. Freedom without traffic jams and traffic lights. - Hoversurf

 Formula specs: 450km range, 320km/h speed, 5 seats, standard car size, The Formula price will be about $97,000

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