Most visionary architecture across the globe


With a landscape crawling with modern architecture, the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is just one example of why architectural students across the globe come to Dubai for inspiration. Experiencing this city feels like you have been transported into a SimCity style metropolis.


Tokyo is a visionary city within itself, from its vending machines with food you can only conjure up in your dreams to its outlandish haute couture fashion. However what ties it off with a glorious ribbon is the jaw dropping skyline. To top it off, the new addition of the Sky Tower as Japan’s tallest structure, just shy of being the world’s tallest building continues to shock and impress design buffs!

 Hong Kong

Visionary urban architecture was born in Hong Kong. Although way ahead technologically in many ways, it is the city’s landscape and design that gives it that forward thinking edge. It has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world, reflecting the demand for a truly outlandish destination but what gives it the edge is the futuristic design that truly is gravity defying at times.


Brasilia proves that you do not need to be loud and brash to boast true innovation. Reflecting modernism at its finest, Brasilia takes inspiration from the environment around it to give an aesthetic feel with dynamic lines, symmetrical buildings and the use of concrete and glass.


The twin residential Absolute towers built in 2012, that are often labelled as The Marilyn Monroe towers for their attractively curvaceous design has put Canada´s capital on the map. Now recognised as the tallest building in the Americas, that along with The Michael Lee – Chin Crystal and the miss matched OCAD University´s Sharp Centre make Toronto a must see for design lovers.
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