Biggest whirlpools in the world

Saltstraumen in northern Norway is home to the biggest whirlpools in the world

Known as a maelstrom (a Nordic word for whirlpool), the pool is 10metres wide and 5metres deep and caused by the 400million cubic metres rushing through a narrow channel every 6 hours. It’s obviously dangerous for sailors, and it is essential to check tide timetables before setting out as it’s very easy to get into trouble. Even when all seems calm on the surface, there are currents underneath that can pull boats down. The maelstrom can be found near the town of Bodø, which is just north of the Arctic Circle and so has a short period each year where you can see the midnight sun. It’s also pretty cold, so if you even attempt to sail near Saltstraumen make sure you’re wearing  thermals! But it might just be worth it to see the world’s strongest maelstrom in action.

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