Extraordinary flying car project

Aeromobil 3.0 - it fits into any standard parking space, it uses regular gasoline, and it can be driven on any public roads, but it can also take off and fly, which makes things ten times more interesting

Built from advanced composite materials, including the body shell, wings, and wheels, this innovative flying car has been equipped with high-tech avionics equipment, autopilot, as well as an advanced parachute deployment system – just in case you’ll ever need one. From a pilot’s point of view, the AeroMobil 3.0 is allowed to take off or land on any airport in the world, but the pilot may also go for any grass strip or a paved surface around.

The Slovakian company that’s in charge of this extraordinary project is currently researching and developing several new experimental prototypes, with new advanced functionalities and many intelligent design improvements being currently in the works.

AeroMobil’s flying car project has seen the involvement of various European experts from automotive and aerospace industries, which means a new category of vehicles will soon be available. 

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