Most breathtaking Mayan archaeological site in Central America

Gutemala, the birthplace of ancient Maya. Ranks as one of my favorite places in the world. This amazing country is so vibrant, colourful land, filled with beautiful colonial architecture, ancient Mayan cities, spectacular rain forest scenery and stunning lakes. Guatemala has it all: giant lakes, lava-oozing volcanoes, dense jungles, fertile green valleys, and huge mountains all begging to be explored. The epic ruins of Tikal are almost worth coming to Guatemala for alone. 

Tikal a huge Mayan site in the middle of the jungle that, unlike more heavily exploited archaeological sites elsewhere, manages to retain its mystique. For me Tikal is the most breathtaking Mayan archaeological site in Central America. While Chichen Itza in Mexico is more famous internationally (and more heavily marketed due to its close proximity to Mexico’s beach tourism capital of Cancun), the more remote Tikal,the birthplace and heartland of the ancient Maya seems much more deserving of ‘world wonder’ platitudes.

What I found in Guatemala, was an incredibly warm people who are open and happy for the tourism coming to their country. The indigenous Mayan culture is alive and full and it’s worth planning several weeks of your vacation.

photo Tatjana Kapa, OC

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